Job Description

DESCRIPTION:  Provides analytical, technical and administrative support and installation of moderately complex personal computer (PC) systems and peripherals.  Provides technical assistance and support of equipment and software for business and resident customers.



  1. Monitor and ensure operation of business network hardware & equipment, including modems, routers, switches, HVAC, power, smartphones, and tablets.
  2. Surveillance systems: configure, install, maintain, monitor, and support users.
  3. Configure and construct specialty configurations (wiring, power, environmental, monitoring) for networks, phones, emergency systems, etc.
  4. Install, debug and maintain A/V equipment such as portable sound carts and PA systems.
  5. Support hardware/software needs of the resident Computer User Group (CUG) as assigned.
  6. Support telephone guy and telephone system hardware.
  7. Monitor and ensure operation of the cable television network including cabling and teaching residents.
  8. Work hours require flexibility, after hours support required as needed.
  9. Others duties as assigned.



  1. Written communication skills in English, including instructions and procedures.
  2. Verbal communication skills in English
  3. Demonstrated ability to organize and maintain work-space and supplies so that peers can operate effectively
  4. Demonstrated ability to be self directed
  5. Demonstrated ability to read and learn quickly and apply that knowledge, e.g. cable signal meter, camera systems.
  6. Network setup knowledge
  7. Basic maintenance skills (electrical, carpentry, HVAC, plumbing, and basic understanding of building codes.)
  8. Demonstrated troubleshooting diagnostic skills
  9. Blueprint reading
  10. Ethical behavior including protection of secured systems