Job Description

Full Time

Night Shift

11:30 pm to 7:30 am

Must be able to work night shift and weekends

 Security personnel maintains security and safety of people and property in assigned areas on La Posada campus by patrolling areas on foot or in vehicles and enforcing La Posada rules and regulations. Work involves assessing situations and exercising tact and proper judgment in bringing about a positive resolution. Works under the direct supervision of the Director Security Service and Lead Security Guard.

Guards work indoors and outdoors patrolling buildings and grounds. Indoors, they may be stationed at a guard desk to monitor electronic security and surveillance devices. They may patrol grounds in all weather and be exposed to the elements.

 Because guards often work alone, there may be no one nearby to help if an accident or injury occurs. Guard work is usually routine, but guards must be constantly alert for unusual situations or activities. Guards perform duties not directly related to security.

Guards work alone at night and the usual shift lasts eight hours. Guards may have to work weekends, holiday and overtime shifts. Guards usually eat on the job instead of taking regular breaks. Job duties involve some exposure to bodily fluids and protective equipment is supplied.

Examples of Duties (but not limited to):

  • Responds to alarms, dispatched calls and radio transmissions for both emergency and non-emergency situations; decides what actions to take or assistance to provide based on situation, facts known and position limitations.
  • Administers basic first aid, CPR or AED as first responder in an emergency situation based on training, facts known and position limitations until medical or other emergency personnel arrive.
  • Investigates and reports on hazards, property damage, unusual or suspicious circumstances or incidents, safety and health issues, and other matters as assigned or advised. Resulting initial reports may be verbal in nature and then when appropriate, followed up in writing on the designated form(s). These reports are to be timely, accurate, complete and comprehensible. They are to be forwarded to the proper persons following established protocol for dissemination of information for notification, direction, and correction or follow-up actions.

Skills / Requirements



One year experience in security field; OR,

  • Any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education as approved by Human Resources.
  • Possession of a current Arizona Type D driver's license upon employment.
  • Complete basic first aid, CPR and AED training within six months of starting employment (training provided by La Posada).

Application Instructions

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